19 cats and kittens rescued from home in White Oak

19 cats rescued from home in White Oak Borough

WHITE OAK, Pa. — A Humane Investigations team removed 19 cats and kittens from what they report were “deplorable conditions” in a home in White Oak Borough.

Officials with Humane Animal Rescue said the agency received a complaint from someone who reported 15-to-30 cats were living in the home. Upon making entry, investigators found the home covered in debris and cat feces, a number of cats running loose around the home and several suffering from hair loss and infections.

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Officials said they did not know the last time the cats had been fed or if the home even had running water.

The cats and kittens were found on the first floor and the basement. The animals were transported to the Humane Animal Rescue’s location in the East End to be evaluated. Veterinarians said the cats had ear mites, fleas, gingivitis, were underweight, dehydrated and had upper respiratory infections.

It’s not clear at this time if any criminal charges will be issued or who was responsible for the animals.

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