35 animals rescued from area home

WEST DEER TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Thirty-five cats and dogs were rescued from a filthy West Deer Township home.

“I think they’re exhausted, finally happy to be safe, warm. It’s peaceful, it’s quiet,” said Humane Officer Angie Fry.

Humane officers said the flea infested home had no water for the pets. Pictures showed grime growing on dishes and food dispensers.

“Just deplorable conditions. Very unsanitary,” Fry said.

Someone called in with a tip about the home saying the pets were in trouble. Animal Friends, which rescued the animals, said crews had to make two trips there were so many cats and dogs.

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The humane officer assigned to this case told Channel 11 she plans to go after every charge possible.

Police said the owner will be facing a long list of criminal charges after officials raided the home and removed the animals.

Animal Friends is the organization helping to care for the animals. If you’d like more information about the cats and dogs, or if you are looking to donate your time or money to the group, CLICK HERE!