Camp offering space for students with working parents to complete virtual schooling

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. — While many parents are struggling to adapt to back-to-school plans, a local Christian camp is offering a space for students to complete their virtual schooling.

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Jumonville Camp & Retreat Center is stepping up with Jville U, a daycamp where kids will be able to get their work done.

The center is also offering recreational activities after school work is completed as part of the program.

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Posted by Jumonville Camp & Retreat Center on Monday, August 10, 2020

“Its really our mission to not just be set apart on the hillside, but be in ministry with the community and we feel like the greatest need we can help with is the childcare portion of school,” said camp President and CEO Heather Withrow.

The virtual learning experience will be adapted into the Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daycamp.

“For families who aren’t able to work from home or work remotely, we wanted to do something. We could say to the families ‘Here’s a safe option. We’ll take care of your children.’ We’ll do everything we can to get their school work done and in the afternoons we’ll have some fun,” Withrow said.

With more than 300 acres and 30 buildings, organizers said there is more than enough space to learn and social distance.

“Because we have so much space and ability to spread out, we’ll be following all the guidelines of keeping the kids in pods, even if they don’t choose to come every day,” Withrow said. “They’ll be in the same pod as they were before so we can do as much contact tracing as possible.”

Daycamp organizers said they will be able to take on 100 kids per day. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.