Dashcam video shows police reviving man without pulse

OHIO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police in Ohio Township revived a man who had no pulse when they pulled up to his car on Saturday.

Officers shared dash cam video of the incident with Channel 11's Jennifer Tomazic.

The video shows Officer Stephen Panormios approaching the car. When he realizes the man does not have a pulse, he pulls out an automated external defibrillator and also begins chest compressions as another officer arrives.%



Once the man is revived, paramedics put the man on a gurney.

Police said that’s when the man admitted to snorting a bag of heroin before he passed out.

"There's an epidemic that's going on this in this country," Ohio Township police Chief Norbert Micklos said. "My officers are not only facing people that are in medical cardiac arrest, but they could also be using heroin."

Police do not plan to file charges. They said the man called them to thank the officer for saving his life.