• Driver Crashes Into Car, Home In Hampton Township

    HAMPTON TOWNSHIP, Pa.,None - A driver lost control of a car on Sunday and crashed into a home and car along Mt. Royal Boulevard in Hampton Township.

    "He had come through the lawn and across these steps. He hit the back end of the car, my bumper and had clipped my mother-in-law's car and pushed the whole car into the house," said Paul Klaas.

    Police aren't releasing the driver's name, but Klaas said an elderly man was driving the car that narrowly missed his wife, Beth, and children who were unloading groceries.

    "Very close. If we didn't move back or didn't watch where the lights were going, it could have got the side of us or rolled over top of us," said Klaas. "My wife came up panicking, saying, ‘We can't find our son.' We thought he was under one of the vehicles."

    Klaas' children were safe.

    The Klaas family runs a daycare out of their home, but it wasn't open on Sunday.

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