Elementary students on way to school harassed by naked man

TARENTUM, Pa. — Several elementary students in the Highlands School District were harassed by a naked man while they were on their way to school Wednesday morning.

According to a message on the

, the incident happened at the corner of 9th Avenue and Corbet Street as the children walked to Grandview Elementary School.

The man was in a window of the ground floor unit at the Keystone Apartments on 9th Avenue in Tarentum, according to police paperwork.

The children told the crossing guard they heard someone pounding on the window, and when they looked, they saw a man who was naked and trying to draw attention to himself.

That man was identified as Gregory Costanzo, 54.

When police questioned Costanzo, he told them they he got onto a chair in front of the window and stood there naked, the report said. Costanzo also admitted to knocking on the window to get their attention.

According to the police paperwork, Costanzo told police, “Little girls turn him on.”

spoke to parents who were understandably upset.

“It’s not a very good feeling that there is someone out there, and I have three daughters at home,” said Kelly Zawart. “I work a lot, and there’s a bunch of kids around here. The school is a couple blocks down the street. It’s not very settling.”

Costanzo is charged with indecent exposure, open lewdness and disorderly conduct.

The district said additional supervision would be in place for the next several days for students who walk to school.