Furries Return To Pittsburgh For 2011 Anthrocon Convention

PITTSBURGH,None — Downtown Pittsburgh will see some new visitors in town this weekend: furries.

That's because the annual furry convention is being held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

"We are the world's largest convention dedicated exclusively to cartoon animals, and we see that as an art form," according to chairman and CEO of Anthrocon, Inc., Dr. Samuel Conway.

Raw Video: Anthrocon Chairman, Furries Talk To WPXI

Known as Anthrocon to those in the "fandom," the convention is in its 15th year. Pittsburgh has played host to the event for six years now, and Conway said the city was a perfect fit for the growing convention.

"When I first drove into Pittsburgh I thought, ‘This is home. This is where we have to be,'" Conway told See & Be Seen.

The event is slated to attract more than 4,800 attendees this weekend with events that started Thursday evening and will go through Sunday.

And while it appears that many attend dressed up entirely as animals, that is a common misconception. John Cole, programming director of the event, said only 10 to 15 percent don costumes during the weekend. The other attendees are, "artists, puppeteers or just people who like the stuff," said Cole.

Visit Anthrocon's official website by clicking here.