• Glasser, 84, rides horse one more time thanks to Twilight Wish


    WYANO, Pa. - Patricia Glasser, of Greenburg, Pennsylvania understands that she is living in her twilight years. However,  that didn’t stop her from doing what she wished to do again for nearly a decade.

    Glasser’s wish was a simple, yet extraordinary one. She simply longed to ride a horse, at least one more time.

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    She got to do that Wednesday afternoon at Bogley Ranch in Wyano, just outside of Pittsburgh.

    “I’ve always been good to horses, and they’ve always been good to me,” Glasser said.


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    Her passion for horses and riding began at age 10 and that passion hasn’t wavered for over 70 years. She believes that her relationship riding with horses over time has been a symbiotic one that has kept her happy and at peace while being able to give the horses a good exercise.  

    “I used to ride all day,” Glasser said.

    Nowadays, a good horseback ride is rare for Glasser, but as she dismounted her horse on Wednesday, she was faced with the reality of the aging process.

    “I used to be able to jump on a horse real quick and jump off real quick, but I’m getting older,” Glasser said.

    Despite her age, she got up and rode around the ranch for about 15 minutes. When time was up, she wasn’t shy about asking for more time. Of course, she got it, thanks to Twilight Wish, a nonprofit that helps grant wishes to senior citizens.

    “I am so thankful for Twilight Wish for doing that,” Glasser said. “They took the time to let me ride again, and I really felt like I was younger again.”

    She remembered everything about horse-handling, as if she’d been riding normally for the past 10 years.

    Perhaps the reason for that was because she and her husband, Harold Glasser, owned horses for years before he lost part of his leg to blood clotting. After her husband fell sick, Patricia Glasser had to give up her horses to stand by her husband’s side.

    A few years ago, Harold Glasser, passed away. Without him, horses and much of the rest of her family living in Texas, she didn’t have much of an opportunity to ride, especially considering her age.

    When Glasser arrived at the Bogley Ranch Wednesday, her face lit up. She fed, pet and spent time with several horses, and when it was time for her ride, she was ready to go.

    For the 15 minutes that followed, Glasser rode and rode, doing the one thing that she loved so much – one more time. She was back on the ranch, back in the saddle. For that moment, she was home. 

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