• Good deed gets noticed by other shoppers


    ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO - He was the last man she expected to step forward and help out.

    But while his looks were deceiving, his intentions were clear.  

    When she told the story on social media, his good deed was brought to light despite his attempt to remain unknown.


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    A woman was standing in line at a Walmart in Roswell -- with two kids by her side -- as her credit card is declined.  

    She began to walk off without her items, but that's when David Bugarin stepped in.  

    He said, "Something told me you know to help her out. I had like $120 in my front pocket and I reached in my pocket, like I didn't do it for everybody to see me, you know, I had it in my hand and I handed it to her."

    But people did see.  

    A woman who witnessed it all took to social media to tell David's story.  

    She posted that she was touched by such a selfless act and admitted she was surprised by what David looked like.  

    She described all his tattoos -- specifically the horns on his forehead.

    Bugarin says there is so much more to him than just the ink on his skin.  

    "I get the looks and I see the people get uneasy when I come around, until they know me, until they talk to me and find out who I am," he said.  

    Bugarin says that's why he didn't hesitate to act -- seeing that the woman had two kids.  

    "I know the situation, I know how it feels and I didn't want to put her on the spot, so you know, I kind of just kind of snuck it to her and I walked away," Bugarin said.  

    Bugarin says he never did it for any kind of attention and that the more people step up to help each other the stronger it will make the community.

    "I just believe that it's random acts of kindness that make a difference," he said. 

    He says he walked away as fast as he could because he didn't want any of this attention and because he didn't want the woman to try and pay him back.

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