Beloved Cleveland gorilla, Bebac, dies of heart disease

One of two western lowland gorillas at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo died Friday according to

Bebac, 32, died from heart disease. The male gorilla was diagnosed nearly 10 years ago. He was one of two male gorillas the zoo has diagnosed with heart disease.

In a statement, the zoo said its team of gorilla specialists were able to extend Bebac’s quality of life for several years.

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“This is an extremely difficult loss for everyone connected with Cleveland Metroparks Zoo,” the statement read.

After the gorillas were diagnosed with heart disease, their diets were changed. Their meals consisted mostly of biscuits and were given to them. After the diagnoses, the gorillas were given a new diet designed to make them forage for food in their enclosure like they would in the wild.

The article stated little is known about the heart health of great apes, and veterinary staff often relied on information from the study of humans.