Lawyers argue whether Carlisle car show secret agreement should be part of public record

BUTLER, Pa. — 11 Investigates continues to undercover information about the confidential settlement agreement between a huge outdoor car venue near Harrisburg and the Pennsylvania secretary of health. The secret deal allowed the show to go on even as other large events were canceled due to COVID-19.

Amy Marcinkiewicz obtained court transcripts from a hearing last Wednesday in which a Butler County lawyer and a lawyer from the attorney general’s office squared off, arguing why the confidential agreement should be part of the public record for everyone, including taxpayers, to see.

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A day before that hearing, 11 Investigates obtained the settlement agreement on its own and brought it exclusively to our viewers.

The agreement stated the Carlisle car show could go on with stipulations. It would be called a flea market, no auctions would be allowed, and attendees would be capped at 20,000 people a day. Right now, Pennsylvania mandates that outdoor events be held to 250 people or fewer.

11 investigates wanted to provide you with the court transcripts, so you could read the details.