Midland police chief tells officers to stop making traffic stops

MIDLAND, Pa. — 11 Investigates has confirmed a local police chief has ordered his officers to stop pulling people over.

Channel 11 obtained a copy of the letter and sources said it is legitimate.

In the letter, the police chief told officers not to pull people over for things like not using a turn signal or dark tint on their windows and it’s not sitting well with taxpayers.

Midland Borough Police Chief Keith McCarthy is under fire and under investigation over an internal memo sent to officers last week.


It was published in the Beaver Countian, but Channel 11 independently confirmed it was written by the chief.

Part of the memo tells officers, "Due to a recent rash of citizen complaints, we are asking you to stop traffic stops significantly” and "I am well aware that these and many others are illegal violations, but we cannot sustain a department where we have dozens of complaints a month."

The chief went on to say this is a request from him and the mayor and he would be checking cameras to make sure they're complying.

“We need to stop people doing things wrong,” said Colleen Doyle Croud.

Others Channel 11 spoke to say Midland police have been overdoing traffic stops.

Channel 11 went to the chief's home for answers, as well as called his office and the mayor, but neither returned the call to answer our questions.

“The reason the laws are on the books is because there's safety concerns related to that,” said Sheldon Williams, a former police officer and detective with Pittsburgh police.

He was shocked to find a chief telling officers not to enforce the law.

The chief also wrote he didn't want officers to ignore a “blatant DUI.”

“There shouldn’t be anything such as a blatant DUI, cause they're all suspected DUI’s,” Williams said.

While McCarthy also wrote no one would be fired, he said those who aren't won't be working as many hours.

“It can handcuff or prevent them from being able to effectively do all work (they’re) able to do and (are) supposed to be entrusted to do,” Williams said.

Channel 11 also contacted the solicitor for Midland Borough but they had no comment and neither did the district attorney.