• Jackie Evancho visits WPXI before releasing new album 'Songs from the Silver Screen'

    By: Carly Noel


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh’s young singing sensation, Jackie Evancho, will release her new album, “Songs from the Silver Screen,” this week.

    Prior to the release, Jackie, 12, visited me at WPXI-TV.

    Accompanied by her dad, Mike, and brother, Zach, bubbly Jackie walked into the station wearing jeans and a gray, sequined shirt.  I told Jackie she looked taller.  She said she definitely has grown.

    The last time I saw Jackie, we were at a Cirque du Soleil show eating popcorn. She told me then that she had some big projects in the works.  

    One of those projects, her new album, will come to fruition Tuesday.

    “I’m singing movie songs on this album. It’s really fun. Most of the songs are songs I grew up with, like ‘Music of the Night’ from ‘Phantom,’ and that was a song that started it all for me. It was also from my favorite movie,” said Jackie.

    Jackie’s brother, Jake, sings a duet with her on the album.

    “The song was ‘I See the Light’ from the Disney movie ‘Tangled,’” she said of the duet.

    Jake sounds great on the album.  I had no idea he had such lovely voice, I told Jackie.

    “He sang in school talent shows, but that’s basically it.  I think he has got a lot of talent, but I don’t think he’ll be pursuing singing,” Jackie explained.

    Jake has told me he hopes to be an actor. 

    Jackie recently got her first acting gig, and it was a big one.  She shot the thriller “The Company You Keep,” starring Robert Redford.  She plays Isabel Grant, the daughter of Robert’s character.

    “It was my first movie, so I was scared because it was all new to me, but the people were great.  Robert Redford is a legend. It was such an honor to work with him on my first film. I would love to do it again because he’s so sweet and down-to-earth,” Jackie said.

    On top of acting and singing, Jackie is also a model. She’s the face of Guess Kids.

    “For me, modeling was really fun. I was shy in the beginning, but then it got easier,” she explained. “I loved all of the clothes.”

    While she’s certainly busy, her dad told me she has a lot of downtime. Mike likes to spread out her work so that she can just be a normal kid.

     “I usually play with my friends, my family and my pets.  I love jumping on the trampoline.  I love swimming,” Jackie said. “My favorite things to do are go shopping and eat at restaurants like Applebee’s.” 

    She also watches “America’s Got Talent,” the show that made her famous.

    While Jackie has accomplished what some girls only dream of doing, she continues to set goals.

    “My goal is to be successful and meet George Lopez,” she said.

    I love that quote. Jackie’s dad told me she was a little star struck when she saw George in an audience while she was performing. They didn’t meet, but she said he smiled at her. I’m sure he thought she was an outstanding singer.

    Jackie will perform for audiences in an upcoming tour.  The tour will stop in Pittsburgh in March. Jackie said there’s nothing like performing in her hometown.

    “It’s really nice because the crowd cheers for you pretty loud. It’s just really rewarding,” Jackie said.

    To hear more about Jackie’s tour, album and film, watch the on-camera interview above.

    Following my interview, Jackie’s brother, Zach, wanted to pose for photos with my See & Be Seen partner, Rob Johnston. Zach’s a ham.

    After taking some silly photos, Jackie, Zach and Mike headed to McDonald’s and a costume store. Zach wanted French fries, and Jackie wanted to look for a Halloween costume.

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