Jury convicts teen who killed friend, took selfie with dying boy

GREENSBURG, Pa. — A jury found a teenager guilty Thursday of third-degree murder after he was accused of shooting another teen in the face and then posing for a selfie with the dying boy.

Maxwell Morton testified in his own defense as the last witness. Morton, 18, was accused of killing 16-year-old Ryan Mangan in February 2015.

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Morton broke down Thursday on the stand when his attorney questioned him about the day Mangan died. Morton cried and said he felt empty and had no regard for life. He said he he felt like he had no reason to live.

Morton told the jury that he pointed the gun, pulled the trigger and thought it would just click, but instead he shot Mangan in the face in his Jeannette home.

Dr. Cyril Wecht testified Wednesday that 16-year-old Mangan could have survived after being shot if he received medical care. Authorities said Morton posed for the photo, then fled without seeking help.

Jurors earlier viewed a photograph that authorities said Morton took with Ryan's body after the shooting. When prosecutors asked why Morton was smiling in the Snapchat photo, Morton said he didn't know why. He said it was "psychological" and he "was nervous."

"(I) thought no one would believe me because I'm not that type of person," Morton said.

The prosecution rested Wednesday, saying that Morton had another chance because Mangan bled out and Morton never called for help. The defense argued that Mangan's death was involuntary manslaughter and that the teens were playing with the gun and it accidentally fired.

Jurors deliberated for about six hours Thursday evening before convicting Morton of third-degree murder.

Prosecutors were seeking a first-degree murder conviction, but with third-degree murder, Morton can only be sentenced to a maximum of 40 years in prison.