Local mom finds hidden camera in Virginia Beach hotel room

PITTSBURGH — Members of a Fayette County family said they found a camera planted in the bathroom of their Virginia Beach hotel room.

Angela Wallace and her family were staying at the Knight’s Inn Hotel in Virginia Beach over the Memorial Day weekend.

She said wedged between the toilet and counter in their bathroom was a video camera. She believes it recorded both her and her 11-year old daughter.

“You never in a million years think something would happen like that, but it did,” Wallace said.

Wallace said she pulled the camera out from underneath the counter and took it to the front desk. The man working there told her he didn’t know what it was.

She contacted Virginia Beach police and filed a report. She’s frustrated that 3 1/2 months later she has not received an update on the investigation. Channel 11 called police, but we have not heard back.

“Being Sept. 16, we have not heard anything,” Wallace said. “They still haven’t even looked at the evidence, nothing.”

Wallace is worried the video from her bathroom may have been streamed or is circulating on the Internet.

“That’s what bugs me the most,” she said. “I mean, I worry about my kids, especially my little girl.”