1,000 rounds of ammunition disappear on way to Allegheny Township Police Department

ALLEGHENY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Allegheny Township police Chief Duane Fisher didn’t have to open the box delivered to his station Monday to know there was something wrong with the delivery of ammunition for his department.

“As soon as I saw the (United Parcel Service) driver get out of the truck carrying the box rather gingerly with one hand, I knew something was up,” Fisher said. “The box should have weighed about 50 pounds. When we checked, there was no ammunition inside.”

The apparent theft of 1,000 rounds of .45 caliber ammunition comes at a time when police departments are facing a low and slow supply chain, he said.

“We need the ammunition to qualify (at the shooting range) for duty,” he said. “But, right now, there’s great difficulty getting the ammo.”

Fisher said his department refused the delivery and sent the empty box back. Neighbors said they hope the bullets didn’t fall into the wrong hands.