4 overdose deaths in Ellwood City could be linked to bad batch of heroin

ELLWOOD CITY, Pa. — Four overdose deaths have authorities worried that a bad batch of tainted heroin has made its way to Ellwood City.

Channel 11's Amy Marcinkiewicz talked to the mayor Wednesday and learned the overdoses are hitting particularly close to home.


The victims, ranging in age from 26 to 57, have all died within the last month from overdoses.

Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court knew some of the victims and said the borough has a crisis on its hands.

“It hits us all hard,” he said. “These are people in our community who are dying.”

Police confirmed Wednesday that one of the four overdose deaths was a result of a mixture between heroin and fentanyl, although investigators are still trying to figure out if it’s the same heroin linked to overdose deaths in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Ellwood City police told Channel 11 they didn’t find any stamp bags at any of the scenes, but they’re worried that the big city drugs have come to their small town.

“That’s my biggest fear,” Court said.

Police are working in conjunction with the district attorney’s drug task force in an effort to track down the person responsible for selling the deadly drugs.