AAA: Gas prices down from last week in western Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH — UPDATE Aug. 9: Gas prices dropped again Tuesday morning.

The current average in Pittsburgh is now $4.353

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Gas prices are continuing to drop across the country. In western Pennsylvania, AAA reports the average cost of a gallon is down seven cents from a week ago.

Despite what many would call a positive trend, fewer drivers are filling up their tanks.

“They’re coming down, but they’re still too high. I drive a gas guzzler,” Charles Hunter said. Even with the lower prices, it still takes more than $100 to fill his pickup truck. “It’s like a dollar less than the last few months, so that’s a big help, yes. But a couple more would be even better.”

Prices still average a dollar more than this time last year, but they are fifty cents lower than a month ago.

“What we’re seeing right now is a combination of lower demand for gasoline as well as a dip in crude oil prices,” AAA East Central spokesperson Tiffany Stanley said.

Crude oil prices are the lowest since February — that’s before Russia invaded Ukraine.

“This is not the average year. Because prices were so high, we actually did a study that showed people would actually change their habits to adjust for the higher prices,” Stanley said.

Drivers told Channel 11 they’re frustrated they aren’t seeing more results. The commonwealth boasts one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

“Ohio is what, 45 minutes away? And gas drops way down,” Ben Marmarosa told us while filling his tank.

When might we see a gallon drop below $4? Stanley says it all depends on crude oil prices, but relief should come soon, regardless.

“We start to consume the winter blend of gasoline, which, of course, is less expensive to refine. We will see the prices dip down as well.”

A fall that, for Marmarosa, can’t come soon enough.

“I found a picture from 2015 I took, and I think it was $2.19 a gallon. It would be nice to get back there,” he said.

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