Allegheny County launches ‘Recycling Drop-off Finder’ online tool

Plastic and aluminum are materials most people know where to take to recycle. But what if you have some batteries or old TVs lying around? Allegheny County has a brand-new resource online.

The county launched a recycling drop-off finder on its website for anything from glass and construction materials to electronics and everything in between.

“It’s clearly important that people do recycle. It’s a part of saving the environment. We need to do much more, but this is an important step,” said Larry Schweiger of McCandless.

Schweiger said his neighborhood recycling center really comes in handy as he works to remodel his home. He knows exactly where to get rid of his old materials, but a lot of people in Allegheny County don’t.

“I’m pleased we have a good county council that is committed to doing the right thing on the environment. I think we need to do a lot more in terms of energy use, but clearly moving the recycling forward is a great step,” Schweiger said.

Users can filter through categories on the “Recycling” section of the county’s website and find drop-off locations and their hours of operation, something that could be especially useful for those who live in the 14 municipalities in Allegheny County that don’t offer any type of recycling curbside service.

Schweiger, a self-proclaimed environmentalist, said that he believes that even one person can make a big difference.

“We need to do everything we possibly can do individually, as well as a society, to protect our kids’ future. It’s in jeopardy, frankly,” Schweiger said. “This year has been a real story about what is happening to our world, so we need to protect our children.”

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