Allegheny County

Dog recovering at Monroeville animal hospital after eyes glued shut

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — A local dog is on a long path to recovery after someone super glued her eyes shut Tuesday.

“It was a lot. It had to be at least one entire bottle of super glue based on how much was on her face,” said Angie Thompson.

Angie Thompson is the veterinarian at Northern Pike Animal Hospital in Monroeville who managed to save the dog’s eyesight. Thompson and her team worked very carefully to get the glue off.

“We did some anesthesia with her because it was super painful, a lot of pain meds and we spent about an hour using mineral oil slowly breaking down the glue and peeling off all of her fur,” said Thompson.

The dog lost a lot of fur, all her eyelashes and has large ulcers on her eyes but is expected to make a full recovery. Thompson said she’s never dealt with an animal case like this in her career.

“This is probably one of the hardest parts of our job is to see an animal so sweet and so nice to allow someone to torture them to this extent,” said Thompson. “She could have possibly had never seen again.”

Paws Across Pittsburgh, an animal rescue organization, got the call about the small dog and rushed it to the animal hospital after the dog’s owner surrendered it to them for treatment.

“It’s horrible and someone should be held accountable for this,” said Diane Raible with Paws Across Pittsburgh. “You shouldn’t be able to do this to an animal and get away with it.”

Raible said they plan to notify humane officers in Allegheny County about the incident to investigate what happened and to see if animal cruelty charges will be filed.

If you would like to help the dog in her recovery, Paws Across Pittsburgh is accepting donations: you can donate below or PayPal to or Venmo to @Pawspgh.

Channel 11 was told the dog will be available for adoption once she’s medically cleared.