Ed Gainey sworn-in as Pittsburgh’s first black mayor

PITTSBURGH — Monday was a historic day in the city of Pittsburgh as Ed Gainey was sworn-in as the city’s first black mayor.

The event was scaled-down because of COVID-19.

Pittsburgh’s first-ever black mayor gathered Sunday with faith leaders from across the city to discuss what needs to be done to achieve what he says is his vision for the future.

Part of Gainey’s plan includes a new Director of Public Safety. Current Director Wendell Hissrich was thanked for his service by Gainey and will be replaced.

Sources tell Channel 11 that the new mayor is considering Pittsburgh Fire Chief Darryl Jones for the job.

It’s not only public safety that’s on Gainey’s agenda: affordable housing is also a primary focus this incoming administration ran its campaign on.

The mayor-elect will be pushing to require developers to provide some of their housing for low income residents.

“We need to continue every single day we get up, every day, to be kind to one another, to understand that as we build relationships we are building a city for all, and learn how to respect and accept our differences,” Gainey said.

During an impassioned speech, Gainey laid out his plans for Pittsburgh including working to improve community-police relations, affordability and economic inclusion, access to transportation and a world class education system.