Neighbor runs into flames, pulls residents out of two-alarm house fire in Springdale Township

SPRINGDALE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — According to Lt. Levi Baer with Allegheny Valley VFC, a two-alarm fire started at a Carson Street home in Springdale Township around 3 p.m. on Monday.

Fire officials believe the blaze started after the homeowner tossed a burning towel onto the back porch.

“The back window was open, it was wind-driven and it set the rest of the house on fire,” said Baer.

Neighbor Barbara Arnold first saw the smoke coming from the home and called 911.

“I ran up the steps to their front door and pushed the front door in,” said Arnold.

Arnold then began to pull the male and female occupants out of the home and to safety.

“I could see a person on the ground in the room and then I just went in and I grabbed him under the arm and I pulled him out of the house,” said Arnold. “I went in and grabbed her by the arm and she fell on the ground next to him.”

According to Arnold, one of the victims told her they were cooking when the fire began.

Fire officials tell Channel 11 no one was injured in the fire but a few cats died in the blaze. The home is considered a total loss.