Homestead officials looking for men allegedly impersonating police

HOMESTEAD — Homestead Police tell Channel 11 they are investigating two men who are allegedly impersonating police.

According to police, on Tuesday night, a white Impala with tinted windows used a PA system to pull over a car on 8th Avenue in Homestead.

A white man and Black man wearing police jackets, described as being nearly 6 feet tall, allegedly approached the stopped vehicle, assaulted the driver and stole his phone.

“I feel like the police already don’t have a good light in neighborhoods, so this is just adding insult to injury,” said Zay, who lives in the area. “I feel like the people doing that will do that to the wrong person, and there will be serious consequences for them. Like me, don’t try it with me!”

Dera Cord, who also lives in the area, tells me she’s now on high alert, especially if she’s being pulled over by what seems to be the police.

“I may stop for a few minutes then use my own judgment. If it doesn’t feel right, I won’t stay there too much longer,” said Cord.

Homestead’s Chief of Police told Channel 11 that anyone can put a red or blue light on their car. However, if an encounter involves an unmarked car and you’re concerned, you should drive the speed limit or less, put on your 4-way flashers and drive to a well-lit location with people. He also suggests locking your car doors and calling 911 to explain the situation. 911 should be able to confirm if the person is a real officer or not.

“It’s not right. It’s unfair, there are really people out here that need help, and for those who are impersonating police, it’s not right,” said Cord.