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Jefferson Hills couple says borough won’t help fix 15-foot cliff caused by landslide in backyard

JEFFERSON HILLS, Pa. — A local couple’s backyard in Jefferson Hills has a 15-foot cliff caused by a landslide. It’s going to cost a lot to fix, and they said the borough won’t help with the bill.

Megan and Cameron Cerro moved into a home along Gill Hall Road about two years ago to start a family.

But last week, they noticed part of their backyard cracking and then the next morning, it gave way after a massive landslide. Cerro said it’s a huge hazard.

“Very dangerous. It’s anywhere between 13 and 15 feet down and it’s very unstable,” said Cameron Cerro.

The landslide also took down a portion of their fence and broke their sewage line. Now they have to live with family members until it’s all taken care of.

“I thought it was crazy because it not only impacts me, but it also impacts the neighbors down below,” said Cerro.

It will cost between $150,000 to $250,000 to fix and Cerro thinks the borough should pay for it.

“They essentially said this happens quite often in the area unfortunately and it’s something they don’t cover because of the terrain of the actual hill and everything that goes along with it,” said Cerro.

Now he’s doing everything he can to save their family home.

“I reached out to you guys because we have nowhere else to turn, no help and we don’t have the funds to fix this.”

Channel 11 News reached out to the Jefferson Hills Borough office but it was already closed, so we left a message and we are still waiting to hear back.

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