Allegheny County

Pittsburgh man builds face shields to help hospitals with limited supply

PITTSBURGH — Nick Drombosky has been in self isolation with his wife for five weeks and is currently producing face shields out of his business in Garfield.

In a video interview with Channel 11, he said he’s been preparing for the pandemic since January when family members and friends from across the world began talking about what could happen.

Since then, people he knows in various places have also reached out for help - including people working in the medical field who need face shields.

So far he’s made 100 face shields to be shipped to Oakland, California where his sister in law is a physician. He is working on 100 more to be given to Pittsburgh hospitals.

Drombosky told 11 News that materials are inexpensive, only costing about 80 cents per shield, but because demand is so high he’s having trouble finding them.

If you are interested in helping, you can reach out to Drombosky on Twitter or Instagram at @nickdrom or through his website,