Allegheny County

Pittsburgh Police interviewing witnesses, including party host, in Airbnb mass shooting

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police confirmed they responded to a noise complaint at the same Airbnb just 90 minutes before the shooting.

They spoke with a man who identified himself as the homeowner and told him to turn down the music, and if they would shut it down if were called back to the residence.

An hour and a half later, nearly 100 shots rang out as 200 people ran from the scene.   In the end, two teenagers were dead and eight wounded.

At police headquarters today, detectives interviewed witnesses, including one individual who was responsible for throwing the party.

An attorney who represents that individual  said his client is cooperating and did not fire any shots  or have a weapon.

Meanwhile,  Councilman  Bobby  Wilson, who represents  the neighborhood, told Channel 11 he plans to introduce legislation in city council to regulate Airbnbs, to require them to register with the city.