Allegheny County

Pittsburgh police searching for man accused of sexually assaulting sleeping teen

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Police have an arrest warrant for a man named Robert Huggins, who they say sexually assaulted a 14-year-old.

According to investigators, Huggins broke into the teen’s home.

Word of the alleged sexual assault is spreading throughout the Mountain View Apartment Complex near the Crafton Heights section of the city.

“That infuriates me,” Robin Williams, who lives nearby, told Channel 11.

“Just to know that it’s this close to where I live, that is very frightening,” Williams said.

Police say Huggins broke into several homes in the community, and attempted to rape the 14-year-old, who was asleep on her couch.

Investigators say he was wearing a ski mask.

The girl allegedly told Children’s Hospital Employees that she woke up to an unknown male, who was wearing a mask, touching her, and trying to force her into a sex act.

According to detectives, the “juvenile victim stated she attempted to get up and escape, but the male put his hand over her mouth and nose …. [and said she] couldn’t breathe.”

“I feel for the girl, I feel for her family and I just really pray that she will find some help for her. Because she’s young, and this has probably scarred her for life,” Williams said.

According to police, Huggins was seen on surveillance video leaving the victim’s building on the night of the alleged attack, and neighbors were able to identify him.

Detectives say he’s responsible for a number of break-ins in the community, and they were able to extract his fingerprint from one of the burglarized homes.

He’s facing more than a dozen charges.