Art Against Violence exhibit in Pittsburgh helping to bring awareness to domestic violence

PITTSBURGH — Dolls are helping to bring attention and awareness to domestic violence.

Sunday, an Art Against Violence exhibit was on display at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center.

Part of the exhibit are dolls — Alina’s Dolls.

They are the work of the group, Alina’s Light, which formed after Alina Sheykhet was killed by domestic violence on Pitt’s campus.

Each one of the dolls was created in remembrance and resemblance of a woman killed the same way.

“Looking at these images of all of these dolls and all of these beautiful photographs and stories on the wall, makes you realize that all of these are real people,” said Sasha Phillips, the attorney for Alina’s Light.

On Monday, Alina’s Light is organizing a roundtable discussion.

It will include an update about where the law her family is pushing for stands in Harrisburg.

Channel 11 reported in March that HB 1747 is stuck in the judiciary committee.

It would allow a judge to decide if a Protection From Abuse defendant should have to wear electronic monitoring.