T rail system back online after service disruption, PRT says

PITTSBURGH — The T is back up and running after a disruption to service Monday morning.

At one point, all T lines were stopped while maintenance crews responded to identify and fix the issue.

Pittsburgh Regional Transit told us the disruption was the result of a server issue. The company did not comment further on what exactly that means or how the the server issue happened.

PRT first alerted riders to the issue just before 10 a.m. suspending all rail service for a short time saying, “All controls and functions of the rail system have been lost. No units are able to arrive or depart the yard.”

Within an hour, the transportation company was able to slowly restore rail service.

But riders were told to expect delays. Riders we spoke to off-camera told us that they did not experience any major disruptions throughout the morning.

Rail service is back up and running.

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