Butler County Sheriff’s Office warning Pennsylvanians of text scam

BUTLER COUNTY, Pa. — The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is warning people of a fake text scam circulating in the state.

Sheriff Mike Slupe was alerted by the state’s sheriff association that scammers are sending text messages, acting as the postal service or FedEx, then telling people their package can’t be delivered unless they update their personal information.

Slupe said the text message looks so real that anyone can easily be fooled.

“The fake website, it almost mirrors the United States Postal Service. It’s absolutely crazy,” said Butler County Sheriff Mike Slupe.

He wants to put a stop to this, and is sharing the warning signs people should look out for.

“The website doesn’t add up, any misspelling is huge they always misspell a word or words,” said Sheriff Slupe.

So far, his office hasn’t received any reports from victims in Butler County. He hopes to get ahead of this and make everyone aware, especially elderly folks.

“It’s nonstop scamming and it’s really a shame and it affects our citizens, especially the elderly people,” said Sheriff Slupe. “Scammers will stop at nothing to get your money, get your contact information, your credit card information.”

The sheriff says if you come across this scam, alert your local police department right away.