Bystander describes coming face-to-face with Route 51 shootout suspect

PITTSBURGH — A week after a man went on an alleged shooting rampage in Pittsburgh that ended on Route 51, one man who was struck with two bullets during the incident spoke with Channel 11 News about the intense ordeal.

Ed Walker said he was just driving by a daycare in Pittsburgh’s Knoxville neighborhood when he came face-to-face with Tyrone Harris, the man accused of leading police on a chase on Route 51 last Monday.


"He pointed the weapon at us and started shooting like hell. Pop, pop, pop, pop. I didn't know what was going on,” Walker said.

According to authorities, Harris started shooting in Knoxville and then ran through several neighborhoods, firing at innocent people.

Walker said as soon as he saw Harris' rifle, he knew he was in trouble, jumped out of his car and used it as a shield.

"I threw the car into reverse, backed it into a curb and exited the car and ran up into the woods, and he was still shooting. Pop, pop, pop, pop, and that's when I got two shots in the back,” he said.

Walker said he hid in the woods while Harris continued his alleged rampage shooting at a sheriff's deputy. Eventually, police shot and killed Harris when he initiated a shootout with officers from a stolen car on Route 51.

Walker showed Channel 11 News where the bullets Harris fired at him struck the back seat of his car, where his daughter was sitting an hour beforehand.

"I dropped her off an hour before this all happened. She could've been in the car,” he said.

Walker said he didn’t have any major injuries and was treated and released fairly quickly.

"I didn't even know I was shot, and the one officer, he said, ‘What's all that blood on your back?’ And I said, ‘Oh, man. I've been shot,’” Walker said.