Washington County couple facing charges after allegedly leaving fentanyl in front of their baby

MONONGAHELA, Pa. — A Washington County couple is arrested on felony child endangerment charges, accused of leaving fentanyl out in front of their 1-year-old baby.

Monongahela Police escorted a CYS worker to a Branddon Danilchak and Kaya Zakrzewski’s Finleyville home. 

They were checking on the couple’s three children after getting a report that the children were being exposed to drugs. 

Officers found two bricks of heroin in a closet, empty stamp bags, drug paraphernalia and a white powdery substance. 

Zakrzewski told police it was fentanyl and that her 1-year-old daughter was in the bedroom the whole time it was out in the open.

“It’s extremely dangerous. It takes a very small amount of fentanyl to injure or kill somebody and we know kids get into just about everything,” said Sgt Ryan Lenzi of the Monongahela City Police department.

The CYS worker who responded to the home became ill with nausea and light-headedness, before vomiting.  She was rushed by ambulance to Jefferson Hospital.

Zakrzewski told police Danilchak was purchasing heroin with his pandemic unemployment money until 2021. 

After that money ran out, she told police she gave him $200 a week to purchase it.