Cleanup underway after massive train derailment in Harmar Township

HARMAR TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Officials said 17 train cars and two engines were derailed in Harmar Township on Thursday afternoon.

PHOTOS: 17 train cars derailed in Harmar Township train derailment

Crews responded to the scene in the 2400 block of Freeport Road.

Freeport Road (Route 1001) remains closed between the Hulton Bridge and Guys Run Road until further notice.

Officials also said a train hit a dump truck carrying stone, which caused the derailment. A waterline for Harmar Township was reportedly broken in the accident. According to Harmar Water Authority, the water flowing from the ruptured pipe was turned off. Resident’s water service was not impacted.

The driver of the construction truck that the train hit was taken to a hospital. Two train operators were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries, but have since been released.

Norfolk Southern confirmed that the derailed train was one of their trains.

Here’s the update that they provided Friday morning:

“Our crews and contractors worked through the night rerailing cars and secured the two cars on land that were reported to have been leaking. This morning as they were working, a third car was found to be leaking and that is being addressed now. All leaking cars were carrying petroleum distillates, not “sweet crude,” as was previously reported. There are no immediate signs of release from the petroleum distillate cars in the water. Other cars in the creek contained plastic pellets, and some of those pellets did escape the car. However, the pellets float and are being contained by the deployed booms.”

As of late Friday morning, Norfolk officials said all leaks have been contained.

Norfolk said it’s too soon to give an estimated timeline for repairs to be completed. They said they are “working diligently to clear the area as quickly as possible and are diverting other train traffic to avoid the area.”