• Dog continues recovering after vicious attack


    PITTSBURGH - A Pittsburgh police officer’s personal dog was released from the veterinarian Friday after spending two days recovering from an attack.

    Sgt. Lynn Konfelder said she was walking Jackie the bishon frise on Brookline Boulevard around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday when a pit bull came off the porch and attacked.

    It took five adults to shake the dog’s grip off Jackie, Konfelder said.

    Jackie was rushed to the vet’s office to be treated for injuries.

    “He’s lucky to be alive,” said Konfelder.

    Neighbors said they’ve complained about the pit bull before.

    Authorities told Kaminski the pit bull’s owner will be cited for not maintaining control of the dog.

    Jackie’s vet bills will be more than $3,000 but Konfelder said she can’t put a price on her dog.

    “This is the first time I’ve seen him walk in a couple days, so I think he’s going to survive the attack,” said Konfelder.

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