Elk stuck in telephone wires freed by Pennsylvania Game Commission

CAMERON COUNTY, Pa. — An elk that was stuck in telephone wires in Cameron County was freed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


According to a Facebook post, the bull elk was wrapped around a pine tree after becoming entangled in the phone wires.

Game wardens, a Fish and Boat Commission officer, a state trooper, the power company and neighbors teamed up to help free the elk.

The elk was sedated while crews cut the wire off of his antlers.

Numbered ear tags and “do not eat” ear tags were placed in the elk’s ears since it is currently elk archery season.

After the elk was cut loose from the wires, he was given a reversal drug to stop the effects of the sedative and he walked away unharmed.

“We encourage camp and property owners in the elk range to remove any old wire fencing and secure other loose hanging objects such as rope swings, extension cords, swing sets and outdoor decorative lighting,” the Pennsylvania Game Commission said in a post.

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