Child steals Bobcat from construction site in Pittsburgh neighborhood, leaves behind serious damage

PITTSBURGH — A child’s wild ride on a Bobcat stolen from a construction site has neighbors unable to believe their eyes at the damage left behind.

Some of the damage in Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighborhood includes siding torn off buildings, broken windows, bent light poles and two large gashes in the side of a trailer.

“Oh yeah, that’s all that brand new stuff that was just built,” said neighbor James Goleie.

Video captured on a neighbor’s camera shows a construction Bobcat riding down the middle of Castlegate Street.

Neighbors on the street told Channel 11 News that the child likely took the Bobcat from the construction site, drove down Castlegate Street, and hit a street sign before he continued his way to Fordham Avenue.

Viewers sent Channel 11 News videos showing the future Castlegate Green Apartments. The video shows a lot of damage, including smashed siding, dented trailers, broken window frames, and multiple lampposts leveled.

“It was crazy! We didn’t know what happened. We live about a street over and didn’t hear anything, but the video was nuts, and I did notice this morning I was on a run and a fence was bashed in,” Emily Sangun said.

We reached out to developers to see just how much this damage would cost them. They did not respond, but we learned that the Castlegate Green apartment project began in 2021, and the property has already begun leasing some of its 51 units for rent.

“I can imagine it would not be a good situation,” Sangun said.

Neighbors told us several vehicles were also hit along the way.

They felt lucky it wasn’t their car and they’re anxious to see who will be held accountable.

“I’ll be interested to hear the rest of the story, like, what really happens,” Sagun said.

Mt. Lebanon police are investigating.

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