Family of Washington County man who was killed while mowing his lawn speaks out

The family of a Washington County man who who was shot while mowing his lawn told Channel 11 what an amazing person he was.

Investigators say his next-door neighbor shot him after an argument.

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Suspect Bryce Tacy is accused of killing Jerry Anderson during an argument while Anderson was mowing his lawn. Police found Anderson slumped over his tractor.

Tacy is now behind bars, and has been charged with criminal homicide.

The victim’s sister told Channel 11 that the man accused of killing her brother was constantly threatening him. According to police, when the suspect was asked why he did it, he said ‘because I’m sick of him’.

“I hope he rots in hell,” said Kelly Guta, Anderson’s sister. “I hope he has the most miserable life in prison because he’s never coming home, he will never get out.”

Guta is still in disbelief that her brother is dead, and that his next-door neighbor is accused of killing him.

“He’s a wonderful person, he was a wonderful person,” Guta said. “A good father, a wonderful, outstanding person.”

According to the criminal complaint, Tacy admitted to his family that he killed Anderson because he was ‘tired of him’ and he ‘put up with him for eight years’.

Family told Channel 11 the two men had a history of disputes, and according to Guta, Tacy threatened Anderson and his family multiple times.

Guta said they had gone to the police in the past, and at one point, Anderson’s children and girlfriend moved out because they were so afraid.

“She’s scared for her children,” Guta said. “This man was waving guns at her 14, 15 year old boys.”

Chopper 11 was overhead when Tacy turned himself in to SWAT officers after initially refusing to.

Now he’s behind bars, and Guta is determined to make sure he stays there.

“I will be at every court hearing,” she said. “I will be at everything to keep him there. Every parole hearing 30 years down the road, I will still be here at those hearings. You’re not coming home ever.”

Investigators said the suspect’s family said he had been acting ‘obsessed and paranoid’ about his neighbors.