Fast food chain issues statement after bogus Burger King report

PITTSBURGH — On Thursday, Channel 11 reported the burger joint on the South Side with a Burger King sign was not actually a Burger King. On Friday, reporter Timyka Artist learned it may be changing back.

Since the story aired Thursday, Channel 11 received photo after photo from customers, claiming they weren't served the real deal.  They produced receipts dating back to November.

"I noticed something was wrong when I opened up the fish sandwich," said Anthony Bell.  "It didn't taste the same."

"The food was in a brown paper bag.  The fries were in a Dixie cup.  I said. 'What is this?'" said Montanya Crosby.

Channel 11 uncovered several documented complaints from the health department about food quality at the location over the past two years.  Each time, the restaurant passed an inspection.

Burger King issued a statement saying their restaurants are dedicated to providing high-quality food and after a recent dispute with the former owner, Burger King is working to place a new franchise in the location.

When Artist went in the restaurant to get answers from management Thursday, she and her photographer were asked to leave by a security guard.  Eventually, Artist said an assistant manager told her they're in the process of transitioning to a new business called South Side Burgers. 

Customers insist they were not informed about the transition.

For now, it’s not a Burger King. People have been allowed to go in and order food even though they’re told the place is closed.

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