FBI investigating threats against ‘furries' in town for convention

PITTSBURGH — Channel 11's Alan Jennings reported that the FBI is investigating threats against the "furries" in Pittsburgh for the annual Anthrocon Convention.
Jennings said Pittsburgh police are also involved in the investigation, and the threats originated on the Internet.
"Just rumors on Facebook.  There was somebody here trying to cause some type of disturbance," said Rex Masters with the convention.
It was determined the threat on Facebook wasn't credible, but officials are more concerned about a threat on Twitter.  A graphic tweet threatened the use of bullets and bombs.
The convention has been held in Pittsburgh since 2006. On average, the event pumps nearly $7 million into the local economy.
Members call themselves "furries," and thousands of devotees of anthropomorphics from all over the world attend.
The event includes workshops and seminars in acting, costume-building, animation, writing, art and design.  It also hosts an extensive art show where the best in anthropomorphic artwork is offered for sale.
The convention began Thursday and lasts through the weekend.

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