Perry South family able to escape house fire

A close-knit community in Perry South came together to help a family escape a house fire.

The blaze broke out around 4:45 Friday morning at 300 Marshall Avenue.


“I was yelling for them. One of the folks in the house came outside. And I grabbed him and said, ‘We gotta get out of here,’” said a neighbor, Julie Strickland.

Strickland heard the crackle and pop of fire, then noticed it was coming from her neighbor’s house across the street.

Strickland knew a family, including two children, were inside the home.

“I grabbed my cell phone, called 911 and ran across the street,” said Strickland.

Homeowner Sydnee Napper was at work when she learned her house was in flames. She rushed home to make sure her children made it out safely. They did, but they were shaken by what happened.

Napper owns the entire structure, which is divided into two homes. Her adult son, a teen, a toddler and two beloved family dogs managed to escape the flames and smoke.

“We love each other and we’ll figure out next steps and be there with them,” said Strickland.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Fire crews seemed to focus their attention on the second-floor front bedroom.

As for what’s next for Napper’s family, she hopes they can return to their house. She’s called the place home for more than 20 years.

Strickland kept their dogs in her yard. She says neighbors will help the Napper family bounce back.

“I think they’re happy to be alive. That’s the focus and the community is going to support them,” said Strickland.

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