• Ravenstahl to keep campaign spokesman arrested in Florida


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said he plans on keeping his campaign spokesman after learning of his arrest in Florida in November.

    According to a police report obtained by Target 11’s Rick Earle, on Nov. 30 West Palm Beach police were responding to an assault when Matt Harringer approached the scene and began to interfere with the investigation.

    Earle reported Harringer was arrested and charged with obstruction and resisting arrest.

    According to Ravenstahl, the two talked at length and Harringer told him he watched a police officer kicking someone, and recorded it on his cellphone.

    “I witnessed a man, who was fully restrained on his stomach, physically mistreated by a police officer,” Harringer said. “At that time I began asking for the officers’ badge numbers and attempting to record the incident, after which I was detained.”

    According to court documents, Harringer failed to show up for a hearing in January. Earle reported that a warrant was then issued for his arrest.

    Harringer said in a statement Wednesday that the warrant is no longer valid.

    “The warrant issued in my case was the result of a miscommunication between the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, my lawyer and myself,” Harringer said. “At the time of my arrest, I was not given a notice of arraignment, and neither my lawyer nor I were aware of the arraignment I did not appear at. I resolved the issue.”

    Ravenstahl said Wednesday that he talked with Harringer and he’s going to stay on the campaign.

    "It's not a campaign issue, it's a personal issue," Harringer said. "It happened before I joined the campaign.”

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