‘Furries' begin to arrive in Pittsburgh for annual Anthrocon Convention

PITTSBURGH — The furries are once again beginning to arrive in downtown Pittsburgh for the annual Anthrocon Convention.

Anthrocon is the largest anthropomorphics convention in the world with membership in the thousands, according to the convention’s website.

The convention has been held in Pittsburgh since 2006. On average, the convention pumps nearly $7 million into the local economy.

Members call themselves “furries,” and the Anthrocon convention in Pittsburgh brings together thousands of devotees of anthropomorphics from all over the world.

The event includes workshops and seminars in acting, costume-building, animation, writing, art and design.  It also hosts an extensive art show where the best in anthropomorphic artwork is offered for sale.

The convention begins Thursday and lasts through the weekend. This year the group plans to raise more for the National Aviary.