• Good Samaritans help woman attacked by deer


    EAST HUNTINGDON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Tuesday started out like a normal day for 30-year-old Rachael McGough as she arrived at the Sherwin Williams store in the Countryside Shopping Center in East Huntingdon Township.

    The manager said she got to the store around 7 a.m. and noticed a deer standing in the walkway.

    “I figured I would snap a picture and it started charging me. I was trying to get away and my strap got caught around me,” McGough said.

    Thankfully, the night manager at a nearby McDonald’s and a UPS driver saw what was happening and came over to help.

    McGough said the men tackled the deer and strapped its legs together.

    “The deer was freaking out, foaming at the mouth,” McGough said. “There was definitely something wrong with it. The top of its head was skinned. It seized. It had green foam coming out of its mouth.”

    According to McGough, the doe died at the scene.

    The Pennsylvania Game Commission was called and an officer came and took the carcass.

    The people involved were told an autopsy would be done on the animal and they would be alerted if there were any concerns with the animal.

    McGough said the only harm was to one of the men who tackled the deer. He had some scratches on his hand.

    Channel 11’s news exchange partners at TribLIVE contributed to this report.

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