• Groupon suspends all gun deals


    PITTSBURGH - Groupon has suspended all gun-related deals. The online coupon site changed its policies on Friday, pleasing some while angering others. Consumer investigator Robin Taylor takes a look at what this means.

    A representative for Groupon says the company had been testing gun-related deals for the past eight months, including deals on shooting ranges and concealed-weapons courses, but based on customer feedback, Groupon decided it was not a good fit.

    One gun shop owner in Texas is so angry his deal was canceled midway through that he's calling on people to boycott Groupon.

    In Pittsburgh, a deal on a defensive handgun course was canceled.

    Target 11 reached out to the founder of INPAX, who also teaches self-defense training and critical incident response. He feels his programs are the solution, not the problem.

    "We go to great lengths to ensure the people who go through our training are in fact law-abiding citizens and legitimate gun owners who would like to learn to own and handle these things safely," said Sam Rosenberg, the president of INPAX.

    The former Marine says his ad was up for less than 24 hours and he had more than 100 people sign up for classes. Groupon says any coupons that were sold will still be honored.

    Groupon isn't the first company to re-think its gun policies. After the Newtown shooting, Dick's Sporting Goods halted the sale of some semi-automatic rifles nationwide.

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