Suspect shot by police in Pittsburgh after allegedly holding woman, child in car against will

PITTSBURGH — County police are now investigating a shooting that happened early Friday morning, where city officers shot a suspect following a frantic call for help.

PHOTOS: Suspect shot by police in Pittsburgh after allegedly holding woman, child in car against will

A next-door neighbor told Channel 11 News she didn’t see it, but she certainly heard the commotion.

“I heard a bang, and I thought well something fell off the wall or something fell in the basement and then all the police came,” said neighbor, Beverly Meyers.

That bang was actually a gunshot just feet from Beverly Meyers’ front door in Arlington. Police had shot a man who they say had taken a woman and baby against their will.

Around 8:30 a. m. emergency responders received a frantic call from a woman saying she and her baby were being held inside a vehicle.

The call originated on Spring Street but when officers arrived, they found the woman, child, and suspect one block over on Devlin Street.

Officers said to get the two out of the vehicle safely they opened fire.

While we were on scene, we noticed officers collecting evidence from a yellow truck.

But it’s not clear if it was involved, how many shots were fired, or how many officers used deadly force.

“Well, it’s a little nerve-racking because you don’t want that to happen in your neighborhood, but things happen, you can’t even go to the gas station without looking over your shoulder,” Meyers said.

We do know that mom and baby are safe, but not what led up to this incident.

Longtime residents like Beverly Meyers hope this morning was just an unfortunate one-off incident.

“It’s over now I can’t worry about everything just have to go with the flow, I’m 81 years old,” said Meyers.

The suspect was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital where he is in stable condition.

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