How will the Penguins be different under Fenway Sports Group?

PITTSBURGH — For Fenway Sports Group LLC, adding the Pittsburgh Penguins, a hockey team that takes pride in the value of its brand, would be another high-profile entity in their realm.

Led by billionaire businessman John Henry, Fenway Sports Group owns — to some degree — some of the most iconic sports franchises around the globe, including the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool F.C. and RFK Racing.

“It appealed to them very, very much,” said Ron Dick, an associate sports marketing professor at Duquesne’s Palumbo-Donahue School of Business. “You can’t get one of the ‘original six’ (NHL teams). I don’t think they’re available. If you can go to the next level, why wouldn’t you want the Penguins?”

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The sale of the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Fenway Sports Group is one step closer to being official.

WPXI learned that the FSG board, and the Penguins board, have approved the sale of the team.

The board of the National Hockey League still have to vote. They are awaiting a final approval from the NHL, per a source close to the Penguins.