• UPDATE: YSU students cover pro-ISIS messages on campus with signs of peace


    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - Authorities are investigating after several Islamic State group images appeared on a rock on the Youngstown State University campus overnight.

    According to the official Youngstown State University Facebook page, police have been notified. Police say the messages contained threats and the case is being taken seriously.

    School officials say the FBI has been contacted, as well.


    Photos posted on social media show the following messages:

    • “France deserves destruction”
    • “YSU supports ISIS”
    • “We are coming for you”


    "I think it was a big shock effect when something like that was written on the rock, even if someone thought it was funny, which it is not," said student Michael Barkett.

    YSU officials say no threats have been validated at this time.

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    Channel 11’s Courtney Brennan went to the Youngstown State University campus Monday, and found students covering up the ISIS-related paint with messages of peace.


    "It definitely sent, like, a terror around, and then there was a shooting threat last week, so it's just like one after the other," said student Alex Miller.

    Students said they got text alerts as soon as the spray-painted messages were found.

    “When I was coming to class this morning, I saw them spray-painting it white,” said student David Ottney.

    A group of students painted the American flag and messages of patriotism on the rock Monday afternoon. 

    International Student Mohamed Mishmish wrote a message of peace.

    "I came here today to write peace in Arabic to show that if there should be anything defaced in Arabic on this rock, it should be peace condoning and not in the name of terrorism," Mishmish said.

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