It's a real Burger King again! South Side customers enjoy flame-broiled burgers

PITTSBURGH — The South Side fast food restaurant that was a Burger King and then wasn't a Burger King, despite the sign out front, is officially a Burger King again.  

The Burger King has opened under new management and ownership.  The restaurant has new employees and the same old flame-broiled food customers have come to love.

"It's a Whopper!" said customer Matt Chmura Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Channel 11 reporter Timyka Artist reported the sign outside said Burger King but  inside it wasn't the real deal.

"The food was in a brown paper bag.  The fries were in a Dixie cup.  I said. 'What is this?'" customer Montanya Crosby said.

Customers claimed the food tasted different, and Artist reported an assistant manager said the restaurant was in the process of transitioning to a new business called South Side Burgers.

The day after Channel 11's report, Burger King issued a statement saying their restaurants are dedicated to providing high-quality food.

Customers said the food was good and the service was great and fast on Wednesday.

In an effort to beef up business, the restaurant is handing out Whopper coupons for that location only.

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