• Last independent movie theater in Beaver County closing


    AMBRIDGE, Pa. - A community movie theater that has been a part of life for the people of Ambridge for years is closing.

    Children have grown up with the Ambridge Family Theater.  It’s the last independent theater in Beaver County.

    “Everybody has been going to that theater since we were kids. It's really sad it's not going to be here anymore,” said Jessica Sevin of Ambridge.

    Channel 11 went inside the theater Friday and saw that the part that feeds film into the old fashion projector is broken.

    The single projector theater still uses 35 millimeter film.

    The theater has had a tough time since many of the studios started only releasing movies on digital format, and projectors can cost $35,000.

    There have been attempts to save the theater on social media, but the owners said they’re hanging a for sale sign and say there’s no formal campaign to save it.

    "I'm almost 60 years old.  My health isn't that great and neither is my husband's. It's time for a fresh set of eyes and some new ideas to possibly take this theater forward," said one of the owners.

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    Last independent movie theater in Beaver County closing

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