Dog that escaped Monroeville pet hospital found safe

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — A local family was desperately searching for their missing dog, Scoobee, since Friday. The pup was found safely Wednesday and will be taken to the vet to be checked out.

“It really was not even in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t see her later that night,” said Nicholas Chontas, who is hoping a Christmas miracle will bring his beloved dog back home.

“We just bought a house, we just had a baby. So, it was our first Christmas as a family, and we’re just hoping to get her home so we can actually spend it together,” Chontas said.

The family’s dog went to Banfield Pet Hospital in Monroeville for a routine follow-up appointment Friday.

Chontas dropped her off, but found out about 45 minutes later that Scoobee escaped from the staff and ran off.

“It’s been tough. I’m trying to keep my hopes up; the community is really keeping me going and keeping my attitude positive. I just never expected something like this to happen from a routine appointment,” Chontas said.

Chontas and his family have been scouring everywhere from Route 22 to the Parkway, and everywhere in between.

“At home it’s really sad. My wife’s there, and we’ve not eaten; not sleeping. I’m out here every moment we can,” Chontas said.

Banfield Pet Hospital is hanging flyers and offering a $5,000 reward for Scoobee’s safe return. It said in a statement:

“The health, safety and well-being of pets is of the utmost importance to all of us at Banfield Pet Hospital. As such, we have strict policies in place regarding the handling of pets in and around our hospital, and we continue to evaluate and find ways to improve our policies to help keep our patients safe. We will continue to make it our priority to help locate Scoobee and work directly with her family during this difficult time to offer any assistance and support we can.”

“Since Friday, they’ve really picked up the slack it seems like on their side, and they told me they’re out there until they find her,” Chontas said.

The pet hospital said they also have enlisted the services of a search and rescue professional to help try to find Scoobee.

If you have seen the Chontas’ dog or know of any sightings, the family would like you to call Sable Kennel at 412-660-2350 or Monroeville Animal Control at 412-856-3355 or even the Monroeville police.